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Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue May 27 09:59:09 PDT 2008

Christian Wurst wrote these words on 05/27/08 11:47 CST:

> The OpenLDAP description is a little short: Ok, it's an implementation
> of the LDAP, I would have guessed so, but what do I need LDAP for?
> If you're not familiar with that package you'll see at a glance if
> this package could be of interest for you - if yes, you'll google it
> for more information. If it really is that complex, this would be the
> location for a link: "More information can be obtained here: LINK" or
> something similar.

But honestly, why should BLFS go to the trouble of copying or
paraphrasing the information here?


In my opinion simply stating: See [insert above URL] is sufficient.

I'm not arguing the book cannot be better and more descriptive, but
in my opinion Editor time is better spent updating the book with
new/updated packages rather than regurgitating information found

But again, something like LDAP can be used for many things and I'd
hate to see one specific use be listed, but others left out, as
readers may not realize there are other applications for LDAP
besides what may be described in BLFS.

And FWIW, if anyone *does* update packages with more descriptive
text than what already exists in BLFS, I'm all for it. I just don't
want a description of the package to be the main focus of Editor


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