LFS Future Braindump

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon May 26 14:02:33 PDT 2008

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote these words on 05/25/08 10:34 CST:

> OTOH, some time ago we had a fully written Courier MTA setup example (by Jim 
> Gifford), that was removed (presumably because nobody was interested).

The reason Courier was removed from the book was discussed
in this forum a long time ago. We had no choice as the
instructions in BLFS did not work (very broken as package
requirements and methods changed) with newer Courier versions.

And the BLFS version was *many* revs behind to the tune of
18-24 months or so. As DJ said, there was nobody to support
it any longer.

> I think 
> that, before we start implementing Alan's "course modules" suggestion, we should 
> first find out what went wrong in the Courier case, in order to avoid repeating 
> mistakes that led to this situation.

It was not a mistake. Please don't try and make it out
otherwise. Courier was in the book during the time it
was reasonable to use the package version listed in the

It was removed when it became impossible to update the

The only mistake I see is you trying to make it out to
be one in the first place.


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