LFS Future Braindump

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun May 25 08:57:52 PDT 2008

Robert Daniels wrote:

> We need better descriptions of the packages and why you might want them.

Yes, that is true.  Some packages need more info than others.

> Second, I find that there is an almost total lack of information on how to
> make the various pieces work together.

This is also true.  I did a lot of the original xfree86 description and added a 
couple of pages that described some issues on how to set it up.  Others have 
since enhanced that, but the same thing does apply to other packages you mention 
such as ldap, kerberos, etc.

The problem is how to determine what is the right amount of explanation.  I have 
a book of over 1000 pages just on sendmail.  ldap is about 300 pages.  I have 
books on Qt, vim, xml, bash, subversion, docbook, apache, bind, openssl, samba 
... and many others.  How much do we put in LFS or BLFS?  Obviously more than 
what we have now would be useful, but we certainly can't incorporate everything 
in all these books into ours.  BLFS is already over 1000 pages.

Overall, I'm agreeing with you, but I don't know how to address the problem. 
Perhaps we need to let the editors scratch their itch to present things that 
they feel are useful and not try to cover every package or set of related 
packages at the same level of detail.

   -- Bruce

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