Post-GRUB Boot Image

Robert Daniels rdaniels at
Sun May 18 15:38:18 PDT 2008

On Sunday 18 May 2008 16:58:18 Colin Kemp wrote:
> With "commercial" Linux distros, I often see a boot screen that
> appears after the selection from GRUB, similar to the Windows boot
> screen. It's usually an image with a bar underneath showing
> completion of booting, then a user login is shown.
> How would one go about making such a boot screen? I have searched the
> archives and come up with only boot images for GRUB. Thanks!
I think this is more a blfs-support question, but anyway, have a look at

It's a program that shows a splash screen and progress bar while your 
bootscripts are running, and shuts off when X starts.  I think that's 
the best solution for what you want, as older ideas offering similar 
functionality required kernel patches to work.

I've been meaning to try and figure out how to configure it, but haven't 
had the time.

Good luck.

Robert Daniels

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