Broken JDK link

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun May 11 10:09:37 PDT 2008

DJ Lucas wrote these words on 05/11/08 11:56 CST:

> I'd be happy to assist as well, I 
> can do the wiki page, or you can if you prefer Randy.  Just let me know. 

I'm not certain we even need to make the Wiki page. I only said that
because initially I thought we'd move *all* of the JDK instructions
there, to avoid having a binary installation in the BLFS book. See
my last message for reasoning why and then why not.

Anyway, I'm busy with other stuff, and want to get out to the hangar
today, so if you will (and have the time), go ahead and make a copy
of the existing JDK page in trunk using a different name (.SAVE or
whatever), and modify the existing page to be binary only.

Then if you would merge/copy/whatever the change in trunk to the
6.3 branch (we don't need the original saved JDK file, only the
new binary only one) and update the 6.3 branch changelog to reflect
the JDK change.

If you don't feel like svn co the 6.3 branch and doing those updates,
no big deal. I can do that anytime.

Trunk's changelog won't need to be modified. TIA, DJ


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