make pdf fails (it works now!)

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun May 11 09:01:17 PDT 2008

Dan Nicholson wrote these words on 05/11/08 10:43 CST:

> OK, that was easy. Can you try again? I just updated the Makefile.

Thanks, Dan. Everything (test-links and the PDF) both seem to work
just fine.

I'm just about finished with all the changes to trunk to reflect
the 6.3-rc1 version. You'll see the commit in a few moments. I think
trunk will then be ready for mods.

And just FYI for everyone, if we discover issues in the rc1 book,
we should probably commit the change to trunk, and then I'll merge
the changes into the 6.3 branch. If the change only applies to the
6.3 branch, then of course trunk wouldn't be touched.

Additionally, if there needs to be a change to trunk that will be
merged into the 6.3 branch, then no ChangeLog entry in trunk should
be made, as the entry would be in the 6.3 branch ChangeLog only.


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