Broken JDK link

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun May 11 01:56:16 PDT 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> is built nightly from the 
> book.  The list of patches comes from:
> xsltproc --xinclude stylesheets/patcheslist.xsl index.xml >
> Basically, it is looking for a url that ends with .patch, not .txt.  The patches 
> repository is not the right location for a License.  It should be on Anduin.
>    -- Bruce
The issue is licensing, and the patches repo must hold the license if we 
are to keep the patches in the repo.  Because we are not dealing with a 
typical FOSS license, the patches have to have a readme file in the same 
directory (or include the readme in a 'prominent place' with our 
sources).  This is covered in the patches project, but not by the copy 
operation for BLFS.  Where is the proper place to create a directory on 
anduin that would not be affected by rsync?  After this directory is 
created, then the the patches and readme should be there and the book 
updated to point to that location. 

That said, since it is obvious that Sun doesn't give a dang about us or 
the BSD folks (who need the updated source much worse than we do), my 
personal preference now is to ditch the source build completely until 
OpenJDK reaches a stable release.  I hate to see my own work go to 
waste, but that's the breaks, Sun owns the code and can do with it what 
they choose.  Greg Lewis (BSD JDK maintainer) and myself have done 
everything we can do to convince the project managers at Sun to kick out 
another release.  I have empathy for the BSD group, but for us, the only 
thing lost is Xinerama support. 

Further, with the big warning in place, how many people actually use the 
source build now that there are 8 security vulnerabilities identified 
against u3 when we reached u5 (and likely more with u6,7,8...that aren't 
mentioned in the current warning)?  I don't use the source build 
anymore.  Do any of our devs?

-- DJ Lucas

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