BLFS-6.3rc1 in progress

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sat May 10 11:07:44 PDT 2008

Justin R. Knierim wrote:
> I still don't have any automated system to do updates, and have been 
> pretty busy that I haven't been able to do ftp updates as often as I 
> like.  Updating manually even with the help of my scripts is a total 
> PITA.  If you have ideas for a better solution and would like to take 
> over blfs ftp maintainer, let me know and I can get you setup with 
> osuosl.  If someone takes it over, I would still gladly host the blfs 
> repo on my server for you guys.  Otherwise I'll keep chugging along 
> doing what I've been doing and try to update more often.

You've done a really good job so far, Justin. I think it's just the 
nature of the thing that it's so hard to keep it always current when 
doing it manually (for the most part). The more automation we can do the 

What I'm hoping to do is to have a post-commit analyze commits for 
changes to URLs and MD5sums and then update the master ftp server 
appropriately. It should at least take of some of the edge.


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