Randy McMurchy randy at
Sat May 10 09:59:47 PDT 2008

Hi all,

Keeping up with ImageMagick has always been difficult. It is one of
the fastest moving targets in all of open-source. To keep from having
to use Anduin for both the HTTP and FTP download URLs (which would
prevent folks from easily seeing that is the home
site, I'm updating ImageMagick for the 6.3 release.

Both on the ImageMagick FTP download site, and on the Sourceforge
HTTP download site, they maintain a "legacy" version of all older
major-minor releases. The last patch release in the 6.3.5 release is
10, and the 6.3.5-10 tarball can be found in both places.

I'm testing it now, and if all works okay, I'll update the book
to 6.3.5-10. This way, the download URLs should not vanish as do the
patch releases that aren't the final one for a major-minor release.


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