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Thu May 8 17:18:15 PDT 2008

> Randy McMurchy wrote these words on 05/07/08 06:37 CST:
>> Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 05/07/08 01:20 CST:
>>> Is it time to do a freeze/rc1?
>> I'm off to work and will look at this, then publish something official
>> this evening.
> Didn't get around to it yesterday. I'll update Rsync today and then
> as soon as Dan and DJ get their 6.3 bugs done, I'll cut RC1.

Can one of you guys grab sudo then so that this can be done?  It should be
a strait version, size, and md5 update, but I didn't compare the logs with
p12 the other night when I opened it.  I'm AFK till tomorrow, if not I'll
get it tomorrow evening.  As for libXfont, no threading on webmail so I'll
answer here...the patch should be good I think, unfortunately, I'm too far
along on the current build to test it in favor of 1.3.1 (which was
building arts when I left this morning).

-- DJ Lucas

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