Error installing dbus-python again.

DJ Lucas dj at
Fri May 9 22:16:15 PDT 2008

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Looks to me like scripting errors of some sort. Those Python paths
> are specified in the book, so it must be some sort of scripting issue
> that is mucking up the PYTHONPATH. Especially the /lib/python2.5
> stuff. That isn't outlined anywhere. It's coming from your scripts
> is all I can tell.
> What I'm curious about is that early in your message you say you
> are "building by the book". But what book?
> I see you have GNOME-2.20 going on. This isn't the BLFS book. :-)
UGH!  I'm gonna go crawl into a dark corner for a while. :-)  You hit 
the nail on the head there, in the midst of typing a long message trying 
to explain why we should cautiously unset PYTHONPATH before installing 
the bindings packages, I noticed exactly the same trigger (gnome-2.20 
from the host system). 

That was a big screwup some 90 packages ago.  I was using chroot to 
write the new installation scripts.  I didn't wipe the environment upon 
entering this test build is trashed.  I also have my 
llog-install tool running only as root (no unprivileged user then sudo 
make install).  I hadn't thought of it before, but changing to the root 
user only for installations keeps install targets from poisoning the 
build environment (unlikely but possible, as I had thought the problem 
was previously).   Fortunately I was only 90 some odd packages in, and 
the scripts are written now, they require only minor modification, so my 
time isn't a complete loss.  jhALFS will be starting in a few.  I'll be 
AFK for a few hours.

-- DJ Lucas

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