Anduin [was: Re: BLFS release]

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Fri May 9 09:54:26 PDT 2008

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Thomas Trepl wrote these words on 05/09/08 01:07 CST:
>> It seems so that we need to update some directories (files in it) on anduin in 
>> case of a version update, right?  That dir is /srv/ftp/BLFS/....
>> If i understood this thread right, we need to keep that directories uptodate 
>> since there is no automatism (any longer)?
> Not sure about that. As Bruce mentioned, we just turned the Rsysc
> mechanism back on which makes Anduin a slave to Justin's master FTP
> server. Any changes we do on Anduin get wiped out on the next
> hour/day/whatever's Rsync run.

Not exactly.  I just ran rsync once last night.  It's not yet in the crontab. 
However, if I run it in with the same switches, changes will get deleted.

I'll turn the crontab back on if I get some confirmation that Justin will be 
updating his system on a somewhat regular basis.

   -- Bruce

BTW, I think if several editors updated the repository as they made changes and 
I published a nag list of out of date packages, it wouldn't be as bad as the 
admittedly tedious initial setup.

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