Anduin [was: Re: BLFS release]

Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri May 9 02:55:17 PDT 2008

Thomas Trepl wrote these words on 05/09/08 01:07 CST:

> It seems so that we need to update some directories (files in it) on anduin in 
> case of a version update, right?  That dir is /srv/ftp/BLFS/....
> If i understood this thread right, we need to keep that directories uptodate 
> since there is no automatism (any longer)?

Not sure about that. As Bruce mentioned, we just turned the Rsysc
mechanism back on which makes Anduin a slave to Justin's master FTP
server. Any changes we do on Anduin get wiped out on the next
hour/day/whatever's Rsync run.

We'll see how it turns out. Especially at this time when we need
a 6.3 repo. If we can't get that created on Justin's server, we'll
have no choice but to abandon the Rysncing, which bring us to ...

> Should not be a problem to do so

You say that, but you would be amazed at the amount of work it
is. I very well know. I created and populated the initial version
of the repo as it stands today. I didn't enjoy it. It isn't fun
work, it's boring, tedious and time-consuming.

Download and install package tarballs, create MD5sums, remove old
packages (tarballs, patches and md5sum), deal with download links
that are temporarily down (can't retrieve the package when you need
to), the proper patches in place (with MD5sum for that as well),
etc., etc.

It is a huge job and it takes daily massaging, lest you get behind
and then have to take an afternoon to do it. I cringe just thinking
about it.

So ...

Let's see if:

1) the Rsync method pans out (we'll know in a week if this is going
to work)

2) Jeremy comes up with some reliable automated method

3) Somebody else comes up with a plan.

If none of the above works out, then by all means you could take
on the responsibility for keeping Anduin up-to-date, Thomas. But
trust me, you don't want that responsibility. We've just got to
automate it.

As Jeremy said, it can't be that hard to get 95% of the packages
automatically without issue. And at worse case, if we can't automate
the other 5%, we'll just send nagging emails to -Book reminding
us of the need to update Anduin.

Thanks for the offer, Thomas, we may end up taking you up on it,
but I'd like that to be a last recourse.


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