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DJ Lucas dj at
Thu May 8 13:05:36 PDT 2008

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote these words on 05/07/08 06:37 CST:
>> Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 05/07/08 01:20 CST:
>>> Is it time to do a freeze/rc1?
>> I'm off to work and will look at this, then publish something official
>> this evening.
> Didn't get around to it yesterday. I'll update Rsync today and then
> as soon as Dan and DJ get their 6.3 bugs done, I'll cut RC1.
> We'll play it by ear from there. I don't want to say any more about
> a schedule because if there are no more items entered into Trac, then
> we'll just go right on ahead with an official release a week or two
> later.
Please ignore my previous message if it shows up, sudo will be committed 
tomorrow night.

I'd also like to squeeze in JDK-6u6 binary too.  The instructions only 
do s/6u5/6u6 and correct md5 and download size, I just haven't ran it 
through all its dependents yet.  It does fix a possible security 
vulnerability as is usual with JDK releases, so it should technically be 
marked as critical (and should be a very safe update). 

The real problem with it is, if we keep holding for every version 
increment, we'll never get 6.3 out the door.  I can easily justify 
leaving it alone as the download link always points at the latest 
version anyway.  Additionally, the older versions are not kept in an 
easily found place, and as history has shown, most will simply adjust 
the path names for the change if encountered. 

If a change is acceptable, it can happen after branching, so please 
don't hold on the branch if it is decided to update...and if it is, I 
could use a little help testing it against the smaller packages (or OOo 
if somebody needs to build it, but I'll do it too when I get to it in a 
few days).  I'm doing full KDE and then full Gnome first.

-- DJ Lucas

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