BLFS release

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu May 8 14:46:11 PDT 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 05/08/08 16:39 CST:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> Now I'm going to work on Justin to see if he is around so he'll
>> fix the main BLFS repo to have a 6.3 repo populated with all the
>> current SVN packages (as per the current SVN book), then create
>> symlinks pointing to that named 6.3rc1, 6.3rc2, and 6.3rc3.
> I did create a script that checks the svn repository on anduin against the book. 
>   I could just have that send the results to blfs-book on a daily basis as a nag 
> to get the files updated.  Then any editor can update as necessary.
> Do you want me to do that?

No, as best as I remember, and unless things have changed in the
manner Justin does it, anything we add that doesn't exist on the
main repo (Justin's) is wiped out during the next Rsync run on

That is why I said what I did a month ago about the lack of
updates on Anduin. Unless I'm mistaken, there is *nothing* a
BLFS editor can do, other than prod Justin.

Well, I suppose you could ask Justin for permission to update
his server, but then *you* would be the responsible person to
nag on.  :-)


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