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Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu May 8 14:21:47 PDT 2008

Dan Nicholson wrote these words on 05/08/08 13:52 CST:

> For mozconfig files, it's not that big of an issue. However, suppose
> we release BLFS-6.3 with firefox- After branching off 6.3, we
> change the svn firefox to use a different --enable-* option, say for
> cairo. If the files on anduin are in a single flat file, what happens?
> The user following BLFS-6.3 who downloads the
> firefox- file from anduin has a broken setup.
> Instead, now there will be static files corresponding to 6.3 that
> match the mozconfig rendered in the 6.3 HTML. It's not a likely
> scenario, but it does exist.

A valid point, as remote as the possibility is.  :-)

> There's also the matter of convenience. You never need to log onto
> anduin unless you want to. Everything is handled from your local SVN
> checkout. Just like how nobody needs to log onto quantum and kick off
> a render after they make updates to SVN.

Never looked at it like that. Again, very valid. Looks like I
need to svn co those auxfiles. My sandbox is just 'BOOK' and I've
never needed to update the auxfiles so never co them.

Thanks for the explanation Dan. Perhaps I skimmed your last one
so quick that the message didn't sink in. This one did.

Now I'm going to work on Justin to see if he is around so he'll
fix the main BLFS repo to have a 6.3 repo populated with all the
current SVN packages (as per the current SVN book), then create
symlinks pointing to that named 6.3rc1, 6.3rc2, and 6.3rc3.

I'm hoping we won't need the rc2 and rc3's but he can make the
links and always delete them later.

Sorry for the multiple Cc's Justin, I don't know what is the
actual current email address you use.


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