X.Org scripted installation / Proprietary ATI driver

Petr Ovtchenkov ptr at island.corbina.net
Tue Jun 10 23:09:18 PDT 2008

On Wednesday 11 June 2008 05:46:56 Philipp Christian Loewner wrote:
> OK, I finally got that. So I just misinterpreted the
> book at that passages.
> Just to clear things up, I thought you would create
> an enviroment that exits on errors so you wouldn't
> mistakenly continue the build despite errors that cause
> trouble afterwards. This seemed to me like a good
> script-behaviour.
> But of course, I didn't think about
> the same need when manually entering a for loop
> that scrolls by errors very fast.
> Thanks for making that clear to me... I tend to look
> at things like that only from my perspective without
> questioning my understanding of the author's intention.

You can base on following script (attach.). 


  - ptr

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