X.Org scripted installation / Proprietary ATI driver

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jun 10 17:38:19 PDT 2008

Philipp Christian Loewner wrote:
> First of all,  the scripted X build is a great thing. I am doing a build at
> the moment and experienced only two little problems:
> The book suggests to create a working directory for the X install.
> If you save the base script (the one provided in the introduction)
> in this directory...
There is the first problem, it is only an example of commands meant to 
be run interactively.  It is not a script.  If you want to poke and prod 
it into a script or scripts, you are on your own, but...
> and save the wget
> lists and patches in the same directory (which is, I think what
> most users will do, because the script creates the subdirs),
> then the installation of the X libraries will fail.
...I hadn't thought about it this way.  I usually save the patches in 
the newly created directories (so they are already there for the next 
build).  The patches my need a little text around them (or change the 
commands as you suggested).

> Also, if I use the script as-is, it only starts after hitting Ctrl-C
> to end the newly spawned console....However, it makes error tracking more difficult because the script doesn't stop after an error and you have to consult the build logs.
This is again because it is not a script, but commands meant to be 
entered interactively.  The first command (bash -e) creates an 
environment that exits on error.  You need to do the same with your 
script if you want it to exit by modifying the shebang (interpreter 
line) appropriately.

-- DJ Lucas

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