X.Org scripted installation / Proprietary ATI driver

Philipp Christian Loewner bOrgph at web.de
Tue Jun 10 13:36:59 PDT 2008

Hi everyone!
Sorry to just intrude this list. I just have a tiny suggestion to make and one

First of all,  the scripted X build is a great thing. I am doing a build at
the moment and experienced only two little problems:
The book suggests to create a working directory for the X install.
If you save the base script (the one provided in the introduction)
in this directory, extend it for the other sections and save it with
another name (at least this is what I did) and save the wget
lists and patches in the same directory (which is, I think what
most users will do, because the script creates the subdirs),
then the installation of the X libraries will fail.
Sorry for this sentence.
This is because the script searches for the patches in the
$workdir/libs directory, while they really reside in the $workdir
directory. Could you add a hint or change the patch commands
to a ../.. at the beginning?
Also, if I use the script as-is, it only starts after hitting Ctrl-C
to end the newly spawned console. But this could just be me
being to dumb to realize some error I made. However, it makes
error tracking more difficult because the script doesn't stop
after an error and you have to consult the build logs.

OK, now to my question: Are there any intentions to add
the proprietary drivers of ATI / NVIDIA to BLFS? I was
experiencing several problems with the ATI driver, so
I thought I could perhaps write a hint for it if you
have no intentions to add it to the book.

That was it for now. And of course: Thanks for
providing the LFS books and for your time.

Yours sincerely,
Philipp Christian Loewner
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