The book is now translated in French

mengualjeanphi at mengualjeanphi at
Mon Jul 28 04:38:03 PDT 2008


Since about 2 months, I decided to take again the global LFS project in
It was translated by Guillaume, now he had to leave the project, I took
the follow.

It is on server. I'm webmaster of a website or, I'm changing it. I deal with cvs for French
release too.

So far, I decided to follow what he did: I'm going to translate svn release of
blfs (I'll update easily now thanks to blfs-book mailing liit). I'm not
worry with translating an unstable release of the book since I know by
experience that release in the main branch works fine.

I like very much reading entirely this book. But now I'm in front of a
little problem: I won't have the same time as now as soon as september.
I'll need helpers, in particular for reading and correcting after
my translations.

To find such helpers, is it possible to add my name (Jean-Philippe
Mengual mengualjeanphi at and to be referenced so (in the book,
website, otherwise)? This helpers will allow me to deal lfs translation
and other parallel projects: lfs and hlfs too, and later maybe
livecd, clfs, translations of other svn releases... Now obviously I don't have  
enough time.

I like LFS and want to make it accessible in French. Besides I think
there are interesting things to do in this matter. So I wanted to tell
you that I maintain now the project if I understood what I was said to
(correct me if I do a mistake about that), and that I need to be referenced to 
get help and so develop the project.

Thanks for your answer..

Best regards, JP

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