kpdf and ghostscript and urw fonts

Juergen Beisert juergen at
Fri Jul 11 08:42:30 PDT 2008

In the Kdegraphics-3.5.9 chapter, one of the ghostscript interpreters are 
marked as runtime dependencies to kghostview. But at least the urw fonts are 
also required to make kpdf work (at least on my system). kpdf uses xpdf and 
this program uses hard coded font names and directories:

  {"Courier",               "n022003l.pfb", "cour.ttf"},
  {"Courier-Bold",          "n022004l.pfb", "courbd.ttf"},
  {"Courier-BoldOblique",   "n022024l.pfb", "courbi.ttf"},
  {"Courier-Oblique",       "n022023l.pfb", "couri.ttf"},
  {"Helvetica",             "n019003l.pfb", "arial.ttf"},
  {"Helvetica-Bold",        "n019004l.pfb", "arialbd.ttf"},
  {"Helvetica-BoldOblique", "n019024l.pfb", "arialbi.ttf"},
  {"Helvetica-Oblique",     "n019023l.pfb", "ariali.ttf"},
  {"Symbol",                "s050000l.pfb", NULL},
  {"Times-Bold",            "n021004l.pfb", "timesbd.ttf"},
  {"Times-BoldItalic",      "n021024l.pfb", "timesbi.ttf"},
  {"Times-Italic",          "n021023l.pfb", "timesi.ttf"},
  {"Times-Roman",           "n021003l.pfb", "times.ttf"},
  {"ZapfDingbats",          "d050000l.pfb", NULL},



I wasn't successful to display most of my PDF files until I installed the urw 
fonts into "/usr/share/ghostscript/fonts" (all PDFs using Helvetica show up 
with mostly empty(!) pages). Also a link from my font server's urw directoy 
in "/usr/share/ghostscript/" helps to make my PDF files readable again.

Maybe this could help other users what is going on on their system.


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