X and mandb

David Jensen david567 at windstream.net
Sun Jan 27 09:34:03 PST 2008

  Chapter 25. X Window System Environment, the last paragraph could be a 
bit better.  Maybe some specific instructions for the manpath if X is 
not in /usr:

# ln -vsf share/man $XORG_PREFIX/man
This would suffice with the 'Compatibility Symlink'.

# sed -i "s:/usr/X11R6:$XORG_PREFIX:g" /etc/man_db.conf
# sed -i "s:X11R6:$(basename $XORG_PREFIX):g" /etc/man_db.conf
These should get man working even without the 'Compatibility Symlink'. 
Note: sed double quotes for bash substitution.  The first sed corrects 
to the manpath.  The second sed sets the cache dir.

# mandb
Freshen the cache.

David Jensen

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