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jonas sandberg jonas_jhon at
Wed Jan 23 13:49:14 PST 2008

Dear DLFS developers.

The current BLFS book under development, needs a fix, in one spot.

XFree86 4.6 , comes with the XFT 2.1.0 package, while one of the GNOME core packages, Control Center-2.18.1, needs XFT 2.1.2.
You should probably update the book with, or put a notice, that they need XFT 2.1.2 to build it. However, XFT 2.1.2, the original package wont compile, due to an error for FreeType fonts. The problem is that XFT 2.1.2 doesn't include all the include thigns in the header file. So a Diff patch would need to be applied as well. In this site: you will find both XFT 2.1.2 and the Diff, that's required for it to compile. If that site is gone when you receive this message, and want those packages, please just request them, I have those saved.

Thanks for listening, I only want to make the BLFS book better, and this is at least a start.

Have a nice day.
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