new libpng version

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at
Wed Jan 23 10:55:58 PST 2008

On Sun, Jan 20, 2008 at 01:06:58PM +0100, Hendrik Hoeth wrote:
> -  <!ENTITY libpng-buildsize     "12 MB">
> +  <!ENTITY libpng-md5sum        "1e676c5cc7dfa4ef78affe8fb8f1011d">
> +  <!ENTITY libpng-size          "602 KB">
> +  <!ENTITY libpng-buildsize     "6.1 MB">

 I think that build size is a bit small.  11.5MB for me (1.2.24 is
slightly smaller than 1.2.18, but not by that much - I thing you
measured after untarring, then built it and measured what was

 But, it needs somebody with commit privileges to do this.

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