JDK build

Alonso Graterol alonso.graterol at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 16:31:39 PST 2008


    I'm running Pure64 CLFS SVN-20070923 with kernel and
have been installing CBLFS packages for some time now.
    I successfully built JDK-6u3 adapting instructions in CBLFS wiki
(except for the patches) and also applying the seds shown in BLFS
SVN-20080110. Additionally I did some adjustments as follows,

In file jdk-build/j2se/make/common/Defs-linux.gmk, line 277, I needed
to change $(OPENWIN_HOME)/lib64 to $(OPENWIN_HOME)/lib.

In file jdk-build/j2se/make/sun/awt/mawt.gmk, line 213, I changed to
CPPFLAGS += -I/usr/X11R6

In file jdk-build/j2se/make/sun/jdbc/Makefile, lines 88 & 91, I added
-fPIC to fix compiling errors making libodbcinst.so and libobdc.so

In file jdk-build/hotspot/build/linux/makefiles/sa.make, line 24, I
changed "$(shell /usr/bin/test ..." to "$(shell /bin/test ..." since
CLFS instruction says to place test in /bin.

   I was expecting to find the plugin for Firefox after the build but
did not find any. The instructions at CBLFS wiki for JDK make you
think it could be compiled. I'm not sure if there is a prerequisite
not meet or there is simply no way of producing the plugin and javaws
for x86_64 AMD64 systems. If there IS a way to build them please let
me know.

   I also tried the jdk-1.5.0_11 as suggested in the wiki but when
issuing make I get 3 error messages, one relating to not being able to
find GNU make at /usr/bin despite the fact it is there, one relating
to not being able to find zip (it is in /usr/bin) and the last one
regarding the fact that the bootstrapping JDK is version 1.5.0_11 and
it was expecting version 1.4.2 (for which there is no x86-64 version)

   Even if I try to compile version 1.5.0_14 (most recent JDK5.0) with
1.5.0_11 as bootstrap I always get same errors.

   Did anyone get the plugin and javaws compiled for amd64 before?


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