Current BLFS dev (to become 6.3 i think) openssh server package

pdu pdu at
Sun Jan 13 15:34:08 PST 2008

Good evening,

I have just compiled sshd from dev for my lfs 6.3 system and found
during make -k tests it failed stating:

failed connection multiplexing.

Having googled around for a little while I didn't find much of use apart
from 1 report that the testsuite actually tried to check the installed
openssh (which I didn't have) and not the just compiled one.  I tested
this by completing installation and found it no longer failed its test.

Post installation (but prior to starting the daemon) I also recieved an
no sshd running on port 4242

Upon configuring sshd_config to listen on the usual port 22 and starting
the daemon from /usr/sbin/sshd the full testsuite passed without further
errors.  This may be worth mentioning in the book if anyone can recreate

Phill Upson (pdu)

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