sqlite3 and qt3

Ken Moffat ken at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Dec 31 12:54:22 PST 2008

 I'm looking at possible users for sqlite3.  In the book, qt-3.3.8b
has sqlite as an optional external dependency.  But, the current
version appears NOT to be able to use a 'system' sqlite3.  It says
it finds sqlite, but that by default it is not enabled.  So, I added
'-plugin-sql-sqlite' to the configure, built it, and did an
INSTALL_ROOT to review it.

 I was expecting it to be like qt4 (i.e., that the file
plugins/sqldrivers/libsqlite.so links to libsqlite3.so), but ldd
doesn't show that.  I then looked at the log, but all the references
to sqlite are using the *internal* copy.

 Reviewed configure options - nothing.  Looked at fedora, gentoo,
debian - they just use the plugin option I'd already tried.  Then I
looked a bit further into the configure script.

            if [ -f $relpath/src/3rdparty/sqlite/sqlite.h ]; then

 In other words, the 'detected' message means the tarball's copy was
found.  According to sqlite.h it is version 2.8.13.

 At this point, I start to wonder if I'm missing something obvious.
Opensuse don't build against sqlite, and they stopped doing so
back in 2004 on the grounds that the included version was broken.

 Finally, the questions : has anyone built a recent version of qt3
using an external sqlite3 ?  Have I indeed missed something obvious ?
Should we drop the link to sqlite on the qt3 page ?

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