Fonts and seamonkey

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun Dec 28 21:43:47 PST 2008

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Got it!  Your comments led me to do some searching/experimenting.  In seamonky 
>> there are a couple of settings controlling the look:  Apearance->Fonts and 
>> Character Encoding.  I needed to set Character Encoding to UTF-8, but what was 
>> not obvious at all is that the font configuration for UTF-8 was in a setting for 
>> "Fonts for: Other Languages".  Generally, I use "Western".  Once I set the fonts 
>> for that *and* the Character Encoding, I was able to control things.
> The problem is still that you had to adjust both settings. The character 
> encoding should be autodetected from HTTP headers, and Fontconfig should 
> substitute the font for you automatically if the default font doesn't 
> contain the needed character.

The character encoding in the document was not being honored, probably because I 
had "Always use this default character encoding when messages are displayed 
(ignore character encoding specified by MIME hearer)." checked for the mail client.

When using UTF-8, it was using some ugly monospace font specified in the "Other 
Languages" dialog.  Associating UTF-8 and "Other Languages" was the key.

> So, could you please install Microsoft or 
> DejaVu fonts in addition to what you already have, start with a new user 
> account and check whether the problem exists by default?

I already had DejaVu fonts installed.

> In particular, after loading a Trac page (e.g. 
>, without changing 
> anything (i.e., even if the page doesn't display correctly) please go to 
> View -> Page Information and see the encoding there.

The web pages were fine.  It was the mail client that was the problem.

   -- Bruce

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