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Ken Moffat ken at
Sun Dec 28 16:59:25 PST 2008

On Sun, Dec 28, 2008 at 04:55:14PM -0600, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> The problem I am having in seamonkey is that the ellipsis is coming out as �.
> In hex, thats c3 a2 -- ef bf bd -- c5 a0.
> I tried changing my mail character encoding to utf-8, but the font is a really 
> ugly one.  I'm using ISO-8859-15 and it is OK except for the unicode problem.
> I suspect that Thunderbird would have the same problem.
> I don't have any problems with the web portion of seamonkey as utf-8 seems to be 
> just fine there.
> I'm looking for suggestions.  For instance, is there a font I can load that will 
> give a nice utf-8 appearance?
>    -- Bruce
 I'm not familiar with the options in seamonkey (in fact, I'm not
familiar with the options in current firefox2 any more), but I
assume you have a default option something like 'serif' or 'mono' ?
For those, I would try the corresponding DejaVu fonts.

 I *guess* it is probably U+2026 (I've forgotten how to convert
unicode values to byte sequences).  If you had gucharmap, you would
find it way down in the 'common' script and you could then select
your available fonts to see how it renders. ... thinks ...

 In kde-3.5's kcharselect you can type in the unicode code point
(2026) and try different fonts.  Hmm, I don't like the tiny display,
(nor the way it eventually hangs when I scroll through the 'Tables')
and it's easy to see it isn't fully using fontconfig, but perhaps you
are already using a DejaVu font (in DejaVu Sans Mono the character is
incredibly compressed, like three tiny commas) - DejaVu Serif looks
better, or straight (Bitstream Vera) 'Sans Serif'.

 With kde-3.5 you then need to look in 'Table 0' to make sure you
can live with the ascii characters in the font you have chosen.

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