Towards a BLFS 6.4 release

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sat Dec 27 14:52:04 PST 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 12/26/08 23:41 CST:
> I would like to discuss the idea of a BLFS-6.4 release sometime relatively 
> "soon".  Right now we have 103 open tickets targeted for 6.4 and about 60 more 
> for other milestones.  All the tickets probably need a review for what is 
> appropriate for 6.4.

I've gone through the tickets and tried to evaluate each one. Hopefully
I didn't miss any. There are now 116 tickets open targeted for 6.4.

> I would like to propose a target date for BLFS-6.4 as March 31st, 2009.  Is this 
> a reasonable goal?  I'd like to get synergy between editors to make this date or 
> another target date that we think is realistic.
> What do you think?

We can try. Seems we have at least 5 active contributers right now,
so a lot could happen real fast. Let's shoot for 3/31 and see what


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