Mono in 6.4?

Alan Lord alanslists at
Sat Dec 27 06:45:34 PST 2008

William Immendorf wrote:
> Alan Lord wrote:
>> Ken Moffat wrote:
>> <snip />
>>>  Personally, I wouldn't touch mono with the proverbial barge-pole -
>>> even this week, there seems to be an issue with mono in the kernel
>>> (perhaps only on ppc64).  My view is that we've got
>>> _more_than_enough_ languages without adding copies of M$ creations.
>> +1.
> Yea, but there is another Mono app: F-Spot, and that is a photo manager.
> Another one is Tomboy, it's a desktop note taker.

There are alternatives. My favourites are:

* Gthumb for photos. Does something I could never get F-Spot to do - 
automatically remove photos from the camera after downloading
* Zim or Notecase for note taking. Both are lightweight and provide 
similar functionality.


I have a personal dislike of Mono due to it's MS heritage and the 
potential for patent traps.

On my blog, I wrote a short article some time ago  about how to remove 
mono from Ubuntu Hardy 
It was just me scratching a personal itch at the time. Amazingly, It 
rapidly became the most read and commented post I had ever made at that 
time and it still gets a good percentage of my daily hits. A subsequent 
post for Intrepid had a similar response. FYI:

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