Mono in 6.4?

William Immendorf will.immendorf at
Sat Dec 27 05:19:15 PST 2008

Alan Lord wrote:
> Ken Moffat wrote:
> <snip />
>>  Personally, I wouldn't touch mono with the proverbial barge-pole -
>> even this week, there seems to be an issue with mono in the kernel
>> (perhaps only on ppc64).  My view is that we've got
>> _more_than_enough_ languages without adding copies of M$ creations.
> +1.
Yea, but there is another Mono app: F-Spot, and that is a photo manager.
Another one is Tomboy, it's a desktop note taker.
>> But you prompt me to ask (and, as always, I _am_ asking, not
>> suggesting that you should drop your suggestion) : what do you get
>> from this desktop search ?  If you read -support, you will have seen
>> that I've had unpleasant experiences with strigi (it's a
>> compile-time dependency for some of kde4, but IMHO totally
>> pointless) - what do you get with beagle (apart, perhaps, from a
>> nice image of snoopy as 'joe cool' ;) that you don't get from
>> 'find' ?
> Also Tracker ( is faster and is the
> default now for Ubuntu - they dropped Beagle in 8.04.
Good idea.
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> Al
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To you too, al.


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