Towards a BLFS 6.4 release

DJ Lucas dj at
Fri Dec 26 23:02:43 PST 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> I would like to propose a target date for BLFS-6.4 as March 31st, 2009.  Is this 
> a reasonable goal?  I'd like to get synergy between editors to make this date or 
> another target date that we think is realistic.
90 + days.   As of right now, it *seems* reasonable.  There is an awful 
lot to get done.  I have two fairly large updates  pending (Gnome and 
OpenOffice) some questionable items revolving around Xorg's evdev 
driver (kbd driver works as it should).  There is also some error in my 
dependencies for Xorg that I still have to review.  I have to figure out 
how in the heck I wound up with client stuff in my dependency map for 
the server.  I skipped over this on the last build and just went with 
what I had for Gnome.

Other not so critical goals: 

I had planned on giving the mail server section some updates.  
Postfix-2.5.5, and adding chroot instructions for it.  Adding Dovecot 
since we have zero coverage for IMAP, and the pop3 server we have I've 
never heard of outside of BLFS. 

BTW.  Now is as good a time as any.  Is anybody currently using qpopper, 
and can validate the instructions?  How about any full Courier users or 
Exim users.  If nobody uses them, then they probably should not remain 
in the book as we haven't validated the instructions (Courier is not 
part of the book, but the old page is still laying around in SVN waiting 
for a maintainer IIRC). 

I've also used Courier IMAP in the past, and would like to see it in the 
book since it is still very popular, but I have recently switched to 
Dovecot and haven't looked back.  A very special requirement is met by 
it - no need to use a separate SASL implementation for smtpd (I need 
only provide one LDAP configuration for postfix), though Cyrus is still 
required for the SMTP client in Postfix. 

I had also planned on OpenJDK but it is looking like IcedTea will have 
to brew a little bit longer.  I have no intention of introducing the 
incomplete Sun only toolkit. 

There are also a few new packages that will have to be introduced as 
they are required dependencies of the other biggie.

Finally, I have some notes on the Mozilla stack but I think Ken and I 
are on the same page with that.  Ken, it sounded like you were planning 
on it at one time.  If not, it is all in the archives for whomever wants 
to go for it...maybe me later...we'll have to see.

-- DJ Lucas

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