Xorg-server and evdev driver

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Dec 14 15:48:23 PST 2008

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> A log should shed some light.
It was worse and only affected gnome.  Running in twm it was fine.  This 
error appears all over via google.  I'm going back through a complete 
build from scratch again (it's scriptable now that I have known good 
file lists).  Anyway, xsetxkbmap showed an otherwise unconfigured device 
(I put the device and driver lines only in xorg.conf) as a 104?? key us 
layout.  Setting the device up with the expected values (as set by 
default when using kbd driver) did not fix the issue for me, however, 
when dropping back to the kbd driver, everything was fine.

What is more is that the gnome keyboard app had nothing but the default 
layout available to it and the browse button was disabled...indicating 
that I missed something someplace, though hours of log browsing has 
proved useless.  I'd be happy to post all of my build logs someplace if 
you'd like to take a look, unfortunately my X session logs are gone, but 
I think starting over was the sane choice now that I have at least a 
rough idea of deps and no rebuilds in the stack...plus I fixed a few 
issues in my package manager along the way and submitted a few ac 
patches to the gnome devs specific to using xorg libs and headers that 
were unaccounted for due to the /opt/X11 prefix.  I'll probably post all 
of my logs on my server anyway after this build completes.

-- DJ Lucas

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