[BLFS Trac] #2518: Xorg-7.2 libXfont

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Apr 30 07:26:42 PDT 2008

DJ Lucas wrote these words on 04/30/08 01:11 CST:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> Hopefully, everything will be simply commented out. I'd like to
>> leave any unused, but still in the book, text to remain there until
>> we cut this release. That way the source is a bit more preserved,
>> even though it may never be needed.
>> So there's no confusion, what I'm saying is that if there is text that
>> is going to be removed, let's try to comment it out instead of deleting
>> it.
> Ugh..I already deleted all of the text, but I am not removing any 
> files.

I did not see those commits, I suppose you're speaking of changes
you've done in your local sandbox. Well, if the text has to go, then
it has to go. I did however, think we were trying to preserve as
much as possible until after the branch was cut, that way the text
is always available without having to pull a dated SVN copy.

>  I don't see the harm in that.  If we really need them, we can do 
> a dated pull, but I'll wait for your approval before I do the second 
> commit.

As I mentioned, I didn't see the first commit. As I've been
fairly busy with other stuff, perhaps I just don't recall what
you're speaking of.

>  If you really want it commented out, I'll go back and redo it 
> on Friday.

Don't go to any extra trouble...

> Exactly.  The book is OK as it is now, [snip] I don't believe 
> that the libXfont change should go now, [snip]...might as well
> knock out a couple of other tickets
> while I was at it. 
> I'm good to leave it as is.  I'll go back and put in 
> libXfont-1.2.8...actually, no, [snip] It's fine as is.
> I'm going to get these last two changes in quick [snip]

I've got to be honest, what you've said above has got me really
confused. I'm afraid you lost me in the first "the book is ok,
I don't believe it needs changes, but wait, I have these
changes to do". :-)

I suppose I'll try and clarify what I asked in the previous

What exactly does changing the packages and instruction commands
do to benefit a (B)LFS X installation?

Because if the answer is simply cosmetics, or FHS compliance,
then I'd rather punt and let's get a release out.


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