BLFS 6.3 outstanding tickets

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Mon Apr 21 09:45:14 PDT 2008

There are a few unclaimed 6.3 tickets that we need to address: : Sane UDEV

Looks like this one should be handled by Randy or Alexander
--------- : /etc/X11/ : /etc/X11/

These have been discussed by Alexander, DJ, and Ag.  It would appear that DJ 
would have these.
--------- : xine-lib

Discussion is between Randy, Robert, Dan, and Alexander.

--------- : goffice

Reported by Ken

--------- : k3b dependency

Reported by Alexander. I don't know much about this, but I'll investigate and if 
appropriate take this.  If someone else knows more, please take it.


All other 6.3 tickets have been accepted. : seamonkey - Me : MPG - David : compressdoc - Dan : XOrg patches - Dan : XKeyboardConfig - Dan : rsync - Randy

We are getting close.  We should be able to knock out all these tickets pretty 
quickly and get a -rc1 released.

   -- Bruce

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