$Date$ and $LastChangedBy$ - should we keep them?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 22:19:02 PDT 2008

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Hello,
> this is a piece of the IRC log on #svn on irc.freenode.net:
> 09:27:59) patrakov: Hello, our project has $Date$ in some files. However, 
> Subversion expands this based on the current locale, which is wrong for us. How 
> to make it always insert the English representation of date into files of this 
> project, without manually changing the locale?
> (09:31:35) kfogel: patrakov: I know of no way to do that, without setting some 
> env variable temporarily.
> (09:31:37) Yanroy: patrakov: why is that the wrong behavior?  AFAIK, the client 
> expands that tag every time a checkout or update is performed, so it isn't on 
> the server...
> (09:33:18) patrakov: Yanroy: this is wrong because it is intermixed with HTML 
> that has a specified encoding, you can't just arbitrarily mix it (this is the 
> "last modified" string in HTML files, and it is user-visible)
> (09:33:35) Yanroy: ah, I see
> (09:33:55) Yanroy: well, I would hope that it's only an issue on your server, in 
> which case I'd suggest changing the server's locale
> (09:34:26) patrakov: this is a client issue
> (09:35:37) patrakov: the server is in USA 

If you are referring to the LFS main server, quantum, it is actually in Canada.

and can render the pages correctly if
> I ssh there and check out the files. But on my computer the result is garbage 
> until I temporarily set LC_TIME=C
> (09:36:19) patrakov: (garbage = Russian representation of dates in English 
> documents)
> (09:41:13) patrakov: if no solution is available, I'll report a bug
> (09:42:24) kfogel: patrakov: call it rather a proposed enhancement, not a bug. 
> The current behavior is intended; we could add more control, but at the cost of 
> a more complex interface.
> (09:42:50) Yanroy: could you set up an alias in your shell such that it sets the 
> environment variable before invoking svn?
> (09:44:06) patrakov: Yanroy: I did just that, but I can't call this a solution, 
> because a French project would require the dates to be in French, and so on. 
> I.e., this really should be a property of the repository
> (09:45:32) Yanroy: patrakov: I'd say it's a property of the file, not the repo
> (09:46:06) Yanroy: patrakov: also, I can almost guarnatee the response you'll 
> get on the dev mailing list: don't use keyword expansions, they're only provided 
> to be backwards-compatible with CVS
> Thus, we should probably find some other method to extract the date and last 
> author metadata and put them into the files. Or just drop this.

I guess I don't understand the problem.  What character set is being used for 
the Russian dates?  Is that what is getting checked in?  I haven't seen it.
Do they conflict with the html specific characters?  <, >, ", ', &

The date entries for the book are done in the style sheets.  We explicitly use a 
substring of the date as it has a defined length and position for each character.

   -- Bruce

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