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Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Apr 7 16:37:43 PDT 2008

Dan Nicholson wrote these words on 04/06/08 22:56 CST:

> What does this mean for me as an editor?
> Consider the firefox mozconfig files. Instead of editing the firefox
> XML and then copying the mozconfig file over to anduin, you edit (or
> add) auxfiles/firefox-$version-mozconfig. This should show up on
> anduin within an hour. Please check that this is actually working for
> a little while in case there are problems.
> Feel free to add new support files to auxfiles/ as needed. Even some
> small binary files are OK, but tarballs probably need to be manually
> copied to anduin as before.
> When release comes, please remember to create a new versioned
> directory for 6.3. I think an svn export will work well:

I'm not sure I'm following, as I'm not really sure how the
method really differs. The moz files, for instance, are already
versioned. Putting them in a versioned directory seems redundant.

As far as SVN control, I don't understand why we need this either.
It's not that I'm not in agreement, what I mean is I don't understand
what your intentions are, and why we need this (extra work).

Regardless, before (or as soon as) anything is implemented it must
be described in detail (step by step) in the Editor's Guide.


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