[new XSL] The Index generation

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Mar 26 13:59:36 PDT 2007

M.Canales.es wrote these words on 03/26/07 15:44 CST:
> El Lunes, 26 de Marzo de 2007 22:31, Bruce Dubbs escribió:
>> A table of contents for each chapter would be useful,
> That is easy to add, if wanted. In the first times it was here, but latter was 
> decided to remove it, I don't remember wy.

I can't honestly say I'd find individual chapter indexes
useful. Chances are someone is using the index to find out
what chapter/file something is in. Seems it would be frustrating.
Perhaps I'm not thinking it through, though.

> BLFS longindex.html is > 700 Kb, that take some time to load on a browser. 
> That's the principal reason for the propossal.

I'm sitting on the fence here. On one hand, I like the idea of
individual indexes for packages/libraries/programs/etc. because
of the reduced sizes and faster loading times. But on the other
hand I don't want to have to open up multiple indexes to find
what I'm looking for.

I'll wait for others input, but I can't really offer anything
for or against Manuel's proposal other than I lean (note that
isn't anything firm) towards leaving the index as is. I just
loaded it in a browser over the Internet (broadband) on a slow
computer and it took just 7 seconds.

For that little of time, the convenience of having everything
together seems a bit better than the alternative.


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