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Fri Mar 23 16:03:27 PDT 2007

El Viernes, 23 de Marzo de 2007 23:24, Randy McMurchy escribió:
> Hi all,
> I'm ready to update the book to FOP-0.93, but wanted to throw out a
> note that we cannot use it to produce PDF output from the SVN XML
> sources.

Yes, that it a known issue. Our current stylesheets (both the DocBook-XSL 
version used and our customizations layout) are very old to use it.

> It appears Manuel needs to work some magic to produce 
> compatible .fo files.

Better said, almost a full rewrite to can match DocBook-XSL 1.72.1 version, 
when released. Before that, and in case LFS-6.3 is released without having 
finished the XSL upgrade, I will try to do a quick fix. 

I would to start working on the XSL rewrite the next week, using the most 
current DocBook-XSL snapshopt as the base.

> I don't see any harm in updating, as there really is no need right
> now to produce .pdf forms of the book.

I neither. As a worse scenario we could say that the PDF file for {,B}LFS-6.3 
books has been created using FOP-0.20, pointing to the BLFS-6.2 book for 
installation instructions.

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