[BLFS Trac] #2319: JDK-1.5.0 Update 11

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Mar 20 16:42:42 PDT 2007

Updated BLFS to JDK- source and binary.
>  Some notes:
>  I listed the source download urls as it appears they are freely
>  available without acknowloging a license agreement. Apparently,
>  the license in the code is enough. You still must click on a
>  link to agree to the binary download license.
Cool, cool, cool.  I was gonna update that because there are some JDK6 
issues yet, see below.
>  Added an instruction to delete the copy of the binary download.
IIRC, the sed is not necessary anymore since we don't care which head 
program we use.  The instructions that needed the modification have long 
since been removed (bypass the license agreement).  I had completely 
forgotten the why and had missed it in last review.  I do know for 
certain that it's not needed in the new version so they have already 
been removed from the pending JDK6u1 instructions. 

BTW, an update on that.  JDK6 can't go in yet due to the JDBC4 changes 
WRT hsqldb (from OOo) and probably bdb too (haven't checked).  Most 
upstream was building against b88 or b93 (can't recall), and Sun pulled 
the EOU features from derby (java db) shortly before release, so not 
much help yet from the package maintainers. Fop and Subversion build OK, 
as do a couple of other packages who's names slip my mind, but I haven't 
tested with any _real_ use other than the plugin and compiler.  I did 
kick out a PDF BLFS book with FOP-93? and all looked well.  Also, one of 
the test suites had to be run in a windowed environment, I think FOP but 
not sure.  No time to check right now, but will get back soon.

-- DJ Lucas

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