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Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Tue Mar 20 09:04:04 PDT 2007

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> and the system locked up -- hard.  No ping, no ssh, no X cursor.
> This is definitely a bug in X server. Is this reproducible without the 
> nvidia driver (and with GL libs from Mesa)? On plain old vesa driver?

I haven't tried changing drivers, but I've moved on.  Cairo-1.4.2
doesn't hang, but I bet the problem is still there.  The cairo mailing
list says they are aware of the problem, but I think they may not
realize how severe it is:

"the xservers ends up looping in fbCompositeSrc_8888x8888mmx() when try to
composite the surface we create in the 'if (attr->extend ==
_cairo_pattern_acquire_surface_for_surface(). The current hypothesis is
that the problem is caused by fbComposite() giving
fbCompositeSrc_8888x8888mmx() bad parameters or data of some sort."

I don't believe the above would make the system unresponsive to a ping
or ssh session which it did for me.  In any case, doing that level of
debugging is more effort than its worth for me.

  -- Bruce

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