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Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Mon Mar 19 15:13:27 PDT 2007

cairo-1.4.0's make check is still a major problem.  To test it out, I
updated my lfs 6.2 system with poppler-0.4.5, librsvg-2.16.1, and
gtk2-2.8.20 and then rebuilt cairo-1.4.0.  I also added espgs-8.15.2 and

I did this via ssh.

On the first run of make check, I got

28 of 121 tests did not behave as expected (2 unexpected passes)

Looking at the output, I see numerous entries of "Failed to open display:"

I then went to the actual computer and started X (KDE) and brought up
konsole to run the test from there.  I then got errors like:

make[3]: Entering directory `/usr/src/cairo/cairo-1.4.0/test'
a8-mask-image-argb32 [0]:       !!!CRASHED!!!
a8-mask-image-argb32 [25]:      !!!CRASHED!!!
a8-mask-image-rgb24 [0]:        !!!CRASHED!!!
a8-mask-image-rgb24 [25]:       !!!CRASHED!!!

The bigest problem was that I got to:

TESTING dash-zero-length
Tests cairo_set_dash with zero length
dash-zero-length-image-argb32 [0]:      PASS
dash-zero-length-image-argb32 [25]:     PASS
dash-zero-length-image-rgb24 [0]:       PASS

and the system locked up -- hard.  No ping, no ssh, no X cursor.  C-A-D
and even the power switch didn't work.  I had to unplug the system to
recover.  I tried this twice and it failed in exactly the same place.

I see now that I should have used GTK+-2.10.11, so I'll update that and
try again.  Thoughts on whether I should back off to librsvg-2.14.4 ?

  -- Bruce

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