Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sun Mar 18 12:53:53 PDT 2007

On Sunday 18 March 2007 19:45, Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Matthew Burgess wrote these words on 03/18/07 14:38 CST:
> > shows GPL
> > Ghostscript 8.56 was released yesterday.
> Well, I have it 4 days ago (March 14th to today, March 18th), but
> perhaps it's an American/Britain thing to count the days differently.
> :-)

No, no, it's me yet again proving that I can't read properly! (I somehow 
manged to completely mix up the release dates of AFPL Ghostscript and GPL 
Ghostscript)!  I'm going to give up now, and head to the pub!


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