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Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Mar 18 12:08:39 PDT 2007

Matthew Burgess wrote these words on 03/18/07 13:57 CST:

> That's what I assumed, from the frequency of releases.  However, I'm not 
> certain that it's going to have any more releases at all after reading 
> Does anyone know anything more about the status of ESPGS?

Yes. Now that the AFPL is done away with in the other version of
Ghostscript (where ESPGS was forked from in the first place), and
they've moved to a GPL license, it has been determined that all
future work will be in the 'GPL' tree. Here is another message from
the ESPGS website:

"In 2006, Artifex and the ESP Ghostscript developers agreed to merge
the changes from ESP Ghostscript into GPL Ghostscript, and to
collaborate on a single version of Ghostscript for all platforms.
All development on ESP Ghostscript has ended with the 8.15.4 release."


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