cairo-1.4.0 test suite

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun Mar 18 12:06:48 PDT 2007

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> On Sunday 18 March 2007 18:47, Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> I always install ESPGS as it provides
>> CUPS support and seems to be better maintained.
> That's what I assumed, from the frequency of releases.  However, I'm not 
> certain that it's going to have any more releases at all after reading 
> Does anyone know anything more about the status of ESPGS?

>From the site:

In 2006, Artifex and the ESP Ghostscript developers agreed to merge the
changes from ESP Ghostscript into GPL Ghostscript, and to collaborate on
a single version of Ghostscript for all platforms. All development on
ESP Ghostscript has ended with the 8.15.4 release.


I;d have to take a look at the contents of GPL Ghostscript 8.54, but if
it supports CUPS, we should probably use that in BLFS as the only
version if Ghostscript.

  -- Bruce

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