sudo (previously PATH=/your/head/asplode)

Jonathan Oksman jonathan.oksman at
Sat Mar 17 13:19:17 PDT 2007

On 3/17/07, Jeremy Huntwork <jhuntwork at> wrote:
> sudo works just fine on an LFS-based system without PAM. I have several
> built according to the instructions in LFS and BLFS and sudo works just
> as you would expect, with or without NOPASSWD.
> For example, see the LFS LiveCD which is based (with very slight
> modifications that are unrelated to PAM or sudo) on LFS. You can run a
> test-case on it, I guarantee it will work.

It's entirely possible that I'm wrong.  I just finished a fresh LFS-6.2,
and have been adding packages from BLFS-6.2 for the past few days.  I've
compiled sudo with the instructions from the book and have tried altering
them, but have had no success with making it authenticate without NOPASSWD
set for a given user.

That's just my experience though, I might have made a mistake somewhere
along the way that could be impacting sudo.

> > As you can see it only allows authentication versus crypt().
> > Considering an LFS system is built to store passwords via MD5, this
> > explains why I am unable to sudo without NOPASSWD.
> The snippet you showed seems incomplete. In any case, I know for a
> certainty that what you claim isn't correct. Your problem must lie
> elsewhere.

If it's known not to be a problem then feel free to disregard this
whole thing.  The snippet I included was the portion of the verify
function that, from what I could tell, applies when compiled by the
options included from the BLFS book.

If it's not a problem, I'll stop posting about it.  Just trying to


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