Dash. [Was: Re: Exporting $PS1.]

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 07:15:00 PDT 2007

On 3/15/07, Ag. Hatzimanikas <a.hatzim at gmail.com> wrote:
> So here it is, a little more than you expected. :)

You read my mind :) To the point where I was reading the post and I
couldn't tell if some parts had actually been written by me and were a
forward. Even though I'd never actually written those things.

It's early here and this tea is not cutting it. Time to switch up to coffee.

> For the rest.
> We are talking about dash, which is a standard POSIX shell, quite
> useful for debugging and very light/small shell that can be used in
> small systems.
> >From what I've read Dash (Debian's Ash) is maintained by Herbert Xu from
> Debian, who was also the Ash maintainer.
> So since Ash is not longer under development, I am proposing to drop Ash
> for Dash.
> As a first step, I created a patch to include Dash into the Book - I
> didn't commented out the Ash page.

Yes. What we're doing with ash is ugly. Taking a vaporware tarball off
of a slackware mirror and then applying a monster patch to it.

> Dan,
> I didn't applied the debian patch since from what I've saw it's debian
> specific stuff (correct me if I am wrong).

They're actually applied upstream, but I don't know the severity of
the issues in each patch. I sent him a patch for the LANG=C issue and
he got back right away to say he'd apply it. He still hasn't applied
that, so I think I'll poke him and see if maybe there could be a new
release since the last one was in 2005.

> I also placed the dash binary into /bin, which seems a natural choice, plus
> debian do the same.
> I also make use of the --mandir, since the default location is
> $PREFIX/man. This is only for FHS compliance.
> I didn't create any symbolic link to /bin/sh either.

Yep. Obviously, the /bin/sh symlink is user preference. Then there's
just two files, the shell and the man page.

> I also found that if I was running 'LANG=C make', I had the same problem with
> yours [1], so I changed to 'LC_ALL=C make' and now it seems to works properly.

Goodbye 6 hours of my life.

> So, ff there is no objection I would like to see it in the Book.
> Dan or anyone else, feel free to make your adjustments to the patch,
> I will be grateful to correct any mistakes.

+1. Patch looks good to me. I'm curious to hear about the dropping Ash
part of the equation from others, but I think Dash could be added


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