ESP Ghostscript init files location (8.15<->8.15.2 subdir)

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Fri Mar 9 09:29:20 PST 2007

On 3/9/07, Jens Stroebel <drifter at> wrote:
> During the install of the ESP Ghostscript package and it's use in the
> resulting system, I had to create a link
>    /usr/share/ghostscript/8.15 -> 8.15.2
> to enable gs to find it's initialization files ( et al.).

I wonder why this hasn't come up before. Could you give me a sample
command and output so I can see the breakage? I'll certainly add the
text if I can see how things are broken, but I'd rather fix it at the
source of the problem instead of just creating symlinks.


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