Ag. Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at
Thu Mar 8 10:29:51 PST 2007

On Thu, Mar 08, at 02:02 Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Ag. Hatzimanikas wrote:
> > Aha,it seems that you have found your sense of humor again.
> Actually, I'm still the same guy. Just in a process
> of moving from the city to a country home on 2 acres.
> A wife of 25 years, 2 boys (one away to a university),
> 6 horses, 9 chickens, 4 cats and a dog. And an immense
> amount of associated work. I enjoy the country life.
> Two nights ago, giving all the horses worming paste.
> It was my first time. It went well, and it turns out
> I'm really good with animals. I'm becoming quite the
> outdoors man.

Somehow the words loose their meanings but... I am very happy
about you Randy.

> > Thats a dirty lie or at least a misunderstanding from your side.
> > I though you could 'read' well the people but apparently I was mistaken.
> This comment disturbs me. I'm sure it is a Greek/English
> language issue. 

No it's not a language issue. Ok, the first part (dirty lie) is a 'blatant'
joke :), but I don't have doubts about the latter.

You are free to believe whatever you think about me but the truth is
that I am still a student in the LFS university and I do have many-many
things to learn as I am fairly new in the Linux fascinated world.

> My offer in January still exists, as it always will.

Thanks for your confidence. 
I wish to find the time to contribute more and help you all. 

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